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It’s been many years since I updated my blog’s theme. I runs WordPress and is built with PHP, HTML and CSS. WordPress is really well documented, and pretty easy to work with. PHP is dead simple to understand, and I usually don’t have to do anything more advanced than a simple for loop. CSS is the hard thing to work with. I only do web design every now and again, so I have to remember how things work. The latest websites all seem to be really dynamic, and take advantage of display:flex, so I decided to hop on that bandwagon and do my site design with a flexible layout. This allowed me to fairly easily tweak it for mobile sizes. 

Embedded YouTube videos are problematic; they are a fixed size, and cause my page’s layout to be larger than I’d like. I have to manually go and surround the videos in a custom <div> that will dynamically resize them. If you find anything that looks funny, please email me! (corbin AT corbinstreehouse DOT com). I also haven’t tested the site on anything other than the Apple OS’es, so it might not work well on Windows.

If anyone is interested in the theme, let me know; I can upload my repository to GitHub.





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