The Electric Bug Chronicles: Window Down

Electric Bug

Stories from the driver’s seat.

It was quite chilly out as I was driving home on 17 yesterday in the fast lane. I was surprised to see a guy in a red BMW with his window fully rolled down driving in the right lane and zipping past me a bit. He slowed down, and cranked his head out the window, pointing his ear at my car as I passed by. He then sped up and gave me a big thumbs up. He must have saw my carpool lane stickers, and was leaning out to “hear” how quiet my car is!

And now a picture of one of my charging spots at work. The Tesla and I are parked in non-marked EV spots. When we are done charging we don’t have to move our cars, and two other EVs can take the plug and start sucking electrons. 

Check out all the electric bug chronicles!

IMG 5651

Check out all the electric bug chronicles!

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