Photography: Boats in Portovenere, Italy


Here are a set of boats in Portovenere, Italy. A wonderful town that wasn’t as touristy as Cinque Terre, and not as bustling as the much larger La Spezia. We had taken a train from Camogli to La Spezia and then a boat over to Portovenre. While walking along I thought the boats would make a great picture; but the sun was too bright, and casting too many shadows over the town itself. An HDR can help pull out details from the shadows, but I decided to give it a blue overtone and make it feel more wispy.  The first picture is my favorite, and the others below are other experimentations. 


UW1A0003 4 5 6 7 tonemapped6


UW1A0003 4 5 6 7 tonemapped5

UW1A0003 4 5 6 7 tonemapped

Finally, here is the original RAW file at 0 exposure bias; note how dark the buildings are:



And here are all the epoxies shown:

Screen Shot 2015 09 24 at 6 15 42 PM


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