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I made a new handlebar for my geared KH26. I was using the KH T-bar, but it feels really flexy and it feels like the seat will eventually break from the pressure I put on it. I had already made a slightly longer and slightly wider T for it out of CroMo steel, but it was just as light as the aluminum original.

Here’s the new bar, completed and installed:


New bar, 352 grams:


Old bar plus the seat strengthen plate (not needed with my design):


So, 150 gram savings in weight by using CroMoly steel. And it is a lot less flexy!

Building process:

1. Fabricated a lug:


2. Brazed it onto the seat tube attachment:


3. Not shown, brazed on the back tab for the bolt/cincher

4. Cut a T, made a fish mouth in the end, and brazed on the top:


5. Inserted the 22.2 tubing into the “lug” and brazed it together. The lug adds strength; I’ve broken handlebars at that location.

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I’ve got the new KH Fusion Zero seat, and I get a lot more handlebar flex with the handle attached to the seat (on a KH36). I’ve been looking for a nice way to attach the handlebar to the seatpost. Your method looks great! When you’re ready to make a few for those who lack machining and brazing skills, name your price!

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