LED Cyr Wheel: compass/accelerometer

Circus/Cyr Wheel

The next step for my project is to add 3d position support by determining what angle and how fast the wheel is spinning at any given moment. The chip is in the wheel; I just need to interpret the data.

I initially bought the LSM303D 3D Compass and Accelerometer Carrier with Voltage Regulator from Pololu ($15).

However, I learned the LSM303D is just a compass, and gyro data is needed to determine pitch and yaw. So I bought a $20 MinIMU-9 v2 Gyro, Accelerometer and Compass from Pololu (well, two, in case I screw one up — and the price today is $30 per chip).

I am cloning their repository to play with it at https://github.com/corbinstreehouse/minimu-9-ahrs-arduino

Calibration may be tricky…so here are notes on it:

Notes on calibration:

1. AdaFruit learn resource: http://learn.adafruit.com/lsm303-accelerometer-slash-compass-breakout/calibration

2. FreeIMU .. Calibration GUI

3. Quick and Dirty Calibration

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