Roue Cyr Practice – February 2012

Circus/Cyr Wheel

More progress. This is putting a few of the skills I know together all at once.

Currently (Feb 28), I’m just starting to get 180 wheel spins down. I’ve also done a good 360 wheel spin once (meaning: I spun the wheel around me 360 degrees and continued to waltz). I’m also working on “hanging waltz”, but currently I can’t take my feet off for more than half a second. I am starting to do the “one handed waltz”, and I can waltz maybe 2 or 3 turns with one hand.

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Scott Anguish

Yeah! Awesome. But shirtless on pavement? Nice way to get a hell of a road rash. :-)

Very cool Corbin.


I followed your blog back in 2006 because of Cocoa and thought it I discovered that’s there people that actually practice unicycling besides clowns. Today I found the bookmark that was forgotten in my bookmark list and found you are on another single wheel sport. Very nice !
It’s awesome !

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