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I needed somewhere better t hang my cube when I wasn’t using it. So, I made a cube hanger!

I used the plasma cutter to cut some pieces of 3/16’ish steel plate (from the scrap yard):


Cut out:


I TIG welded on some 1.5″ pipe at a 45 angle:


Cleaned it up, and powder coated it flat black:


Bolted it to my beam (it is super strong!):


And hang the cube! It is a little close to the wall, but out of the way. It is kind of fun to sit in it, so I’ll probably whip up another one more in the center of the room to hang for parties and stuff.


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Nice to see you are putting your welder and plasma cutter to work. Plasma cutter is pretty sweet, eh? Which model did you end up getting?

Jake Smith

Hey, you have a very creative mind. How do you get idea to make cube hanger like this.

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