Aerial Cube version 2.0

Circus/Cyr Wheel

A few weeks before Burning Man, I made another Aerial Cube. This time I used 1.5″ tubing, and it turned out better than the first one.


The previous cube was 1″ tubing, which was a little to harsh on the body when you leaned on it. This cube feels much “softer” and people are less prone to getting bruised on it.

Literally minutes after I was done with it, Taylor and Kat hopped on it and started playing around.



I brought it to Burning Man for Circus Boot Camp, and it was also a big hit — people loved playing on it.

Here’s a quick synopsis of how I made it:

* Cut off a 45’s with the metal horizontal bandsaw on one end:


* Rotate the tube 180 to cut the other 45 and use a stop on the other side to cut the pieces all to the same length. I think I roughly used 28″ (but I have to double check).


8 pieces were cut to this length. I ground the corners so I could get some good welds, and set them up with some 90 degree rulers to get it all straight:


I mig welded the square, and made another square. It was then a matter of connecting the two squares. I calculated the length for the tubing, and went about 1/4″ longer:


I then hand ground off a shape to make a slight fish mouth for it to fit better and then welded it all together (well, first it was tacked, and then welded for reals):


After one square was on, I then fish mouthed the other side and welded on the second half on top (second half not shown, but you should get the idea):


Cost for the cube: about $80 in mild steel.


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That’s pretty awesome… I too like the 1 1/2″ better. Is there anyway you can make one for me and I will pay you through PayPal or something!?

If I knew how to weld I’d totally do it myself but I don’t.


Actually, I just realized you’re in Santa Cruz. I am too! I can pay you in person if you are willing to make me one. I don’t want to leave my email on here for all to see so please respond on here and we’ll figure out how to get in touch. Thanks! :)


go see my “about” page for my email :)

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