Plug Bug: DMV has it registered as an “E”

Electric Bug

In follow up to:

I now have the car registered as an EV! I took all the paperwork I had accumulated, in particular the BAR form saying that it didn’t need smog, and the car inspection form I got at visit #2. It took them a while, but they figured out how to enter the right codes in the computer and got it marked as an E for mode of power. I gave them my title, and I should get a new one in two-four weeks. The registration now says “E” on it. Cool!

I really want a carpool sticker. I’m not sure if you can still get them, but I’m going to try with this form:

Update: the DMV lady told me the sticker’s weren’t being issued. For PHEV’s (hybrids), she is right. For zero-emission, I think she was wrong. See here:

I’ll find out in a month or so.

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I think you’re right. True ZEVs use a different color carpool sticker, and I seriously doubt they’ve run out of those.


Yeah Clev — the DMV website even says they don’t give out the yellow ones anymore, but they do NOT say that about the silver ones for Zero Emission Vehicles. So, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping!


NOTE: i was right…I got my silver sticker!

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