Plug Bug: Interface Module Installed

Electric Bug

I worked on the bug a bit yesterday but didn’t get much done; things go slow!

I ordered a Heater Kit from Canadian Electric Vehicles — the easiest way to do a heater in a conversion is to get an inline water heater and just use the existing heating system in a traditional ICE car. The bugs are air cooled and don’t have any water heating system so a ceramic heater must be used. I was thinking about making my own by taking apart some cheap heating elements from Home Depot, creating a box to house it, and adding a blower (along with a switch and speed control). However, I decided that would take too much time, and the Canadian EV one seemed like just the right fit.


I needed something to surround the motor to protect the electronic parts, and I also wanted something that looked a little nicer. My plan is to use 1/8″ aluminum sheeting to cover up the areas and shine it up a bit. I made some mock ups with cardboard to get the sizes right:


I was hoping to have picked up some 1/8″ aluminum from SIMs metals in San Jose, but they didn’t have any on Friday. On Monday I’ll try another place up north and if they don’t have any I’ll have to order it online. That will set me back a few days as I need to put this thing in before I can mount stuff to it. Oh well..I’m still waiting for batteries.

I also installed the Netgain Interface Module. I just used some sheet metal screws to screw on the plastic base to under the dash:


Last week I also ordered a crimper from:


Once I get the crimper I can put a few cables together.


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