Plug Bug: Tie rods and axle bolts

Electric Bug

I’m installing disc brakes on the bug, as they will help me stop faster in the event of an emergency. I figured this would be an easy project, but I also ended up getting lowered drop spindles and a 2″ shorter front beam (I think dropped bugs look cool).

The spindles:


It turns out, I need a special VW tool to remove the tie rods. So, it’s back to California Imports and buying more stuff so I can take these things off:


I then figured I’d put back on the front tires and install the rear disc brakes. Well, I quickly learned it is a pain in the ass to remove the 36mm axle bolt:


So…I’ll have to order another tool for that job.

So, in the end, I didn’t get much work done today… Oh well!


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John C. Randolph

Admit it: you love buying more tools. ;-)



Oh, I do! I could use a bead blaster…but I’m avoiding getting one of those. i don’t really need one as a lot of sanding I can do by hand…

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