KH 36 Unicycle


My new road unicycle is setup and ready to ride! My old road unicycle was a Nimbus 36 frame – but, I had had dremmeled out the bearing holders to fit the 42mm bearings for the Schlumpf geared hub, which was a bad idea as it destroys the bearings in the hub. Luckily, I won a KH36 from the “Ride the Lobster” unicycle race. I finally got it a few months ago, but I still had not gotten my hub back from Switzerland until recently. So, I finally had all the pieces, and decided I wanted to paint the frame to match my other unis. In addition, I drilled out the rim to save a little weight. Here is the final product — unfortunately, not the best pictures in the world since lighting is poor in my shop.


  • KH 36 frame — painted by myself, 4 coats of metallic red with 4 coats of clear coat.
  • UniBar handlebar — custom made out of steel by myself
  • Scott Wallis carbon fiber seat base
  • Scott Wallis Road Relief saddle (which is a little too firm for my liking — I may switch to KH foam again)
  • Old kid’s bike brake installed in a hole I drilled in the frame. I prefer these to magura brakes.
  • Drilled out Nimbus Nightrider Pro rim, also painted
  • 36 wheel built by myself — my first “real” wheel build with a proper tension gauge and self-made truing stand (Nimbus 36 frame)
  • 150mm KH Moment cranks
  • KH/Schlumpf geared hub – two speeds, 1:1 and 1:1.5
  • Cat Eye Cycle Computer (not shown, but now installed)





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