Silk instruction

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I’m getting Louise to give me some Silk lessons in our house. I figured it would be easiest for me to learn by pictures. So, here they are. Click on any picture for a larger image on picasa. This is a simple inverted drop.

  • Climb the silk
  • Place your body in the middle of the silk

  • Invert, keeping your legs on the outside of the silk (important!)
  • After inversion, twist both legs around the silk – rotate them towards the outside so the silk comes out the middle of your legs
  • Keep the silk above your hips, and wrap it (once) around your back and bring it back to the front.
  • The silk should be held at your belly with one hand firmly holding both silks, and the other slightly atop it
  • Flip your legs out forward. Be sure the silk is riding on your hips
  • Hold yourself in place with one hand, and grab a portion of the silk with the other. Don’t grab too much — otherwise you will hit the floor, and grab a smaller portion when you are first learning (a foot or so).
  • Pull that portion of the silk towards your other hand that is holding the silk. Don’t let the loop of silk go around your arm or anything
  • The last step set you up for the drop. Simply let go with your hand that is holding you to the silk and you will drop to your other hand (hold on tight!)
  • To get back up, grab each silk half with each hand at your waste
  • Move your arms out horizontally, holding tight
  • Rotate your legs down towards the ground and your body upwards (I have to swing to get this done, as my lower half isn’t as heave as louise):
  • Super..that’s it.
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