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Bathroom Cabinets

Well, my bathroom remodel is coming along bit by bit. I got a new cabinet saw to help with things. I went with the Saw Stop brand saw, which cost a ton, but will potentially save a finger if I accidentally touch the blade. Most all my wood I purchased from Aura Hardwoods in San Jose. They have pretty decent prices, and a friendly staff. Although you sometimes have to ask for the good wood in the back. I was rifling through a bunch of pretty poor looking cherry plywood sheets trying to find a good one when a guy... [read more]

Bathroom Remodel

I have been working on a new design for my master bathroom for quite some time. I finished in Sketchup recently: I’m going to be doing a “floating” design where the cabinets are supported by steel that goes into the wall. I hope it works out the way I think it will! The above is a rendering from sketch up. Below are a few of the raw SketchUp screen shots: After I did the design, I used a Plugin called “Cut List” to get a rough estimate of how much wood I will need. I went by Aura Hardwoods yesterday... [read more]

Restained deck

Still working on “Project Hutchinson”. Last saturday I put a coat of stain back on the deck to freshen it up. I’m working on designing a new master bathroom. I’m hoping to get working on it soon!


This is a late post…but oh well! Well, late last winter I got a new fireplace. I did a design in sketch up and rendered it to get a good idea of what it would look like. It easily let me try out various materials and get a feel for it: I decided I didn’t like the red on the inside walls, so when I repainted it I went all white (and it looks much better!). Here’s the old fireplace, which just looked horrendous: I took it out with the help of beer and Aaron for some heavy lifting. I... [read more]

Metal Coat Rack

What a better use for an old VW brake drum? A few in progress shots: Initial sketch and idea:


The house project continues! I got some baby chickens last Saturday. I got 10 of them — various kinds. Baby chicken: I’m working on running water to the old barn, which will become the chicken coop: The new apricot tree (planted last year) got pummeled by the rain this year. The heaviest storm hit right after it blossomed. It has two apricots on it right now, and I’m not sure they’ll last till they are ripe as they tend to disappear. Running water up to the deck:

Shop Tour

How about a tour of my garage shop? Grinder: Work desk and tools hanging on the wall: The fan in the window is used to exhaust fumes from welding and other things: Nuts, bolts and Bengal cat: JET drill press: Metal stock: MATCO welder (I bought it used) and oxy-acetylne setup behind it to the left: Grizzly G0555 wood bandsaw. Works well for the small shop, although a few times I have wanted a wider throat. Grizzly 8″ jointer; I bought a good large jointer, but I have only used it a few times so far: The dust collection system... [read more]

Upstairs Railing

I’ve been working on a railing for the upstairs part of my house that opens up into the main a-frame. Here’s the general process on how I made it. First off, I did several designs and sketches in Sketchup to get a feel for what I wanted. A lot of the basic layout and sizes could be tested out in the program to get a good feel for what it would look like: The picture above doesn’t have the curves in it, but that was going to be the hardest part. I had to figure out how to bend them.... [read more]

Fruit Trees

The yard at Project Hutchinson now has a small orchard. The lumber store over in Santa Cruz was having a sale on fruit trees, so I went and grabbed a few. In front of the barn there is a Katy apricot tree, and two pear trees. Apparently there needs to be two pear trees to bear fruit. In front of the treehouse/platform is a tri-graft peach tree: I can’t wait to be eating some fresh fruit from our yard! I’ve since fenced in each of the trees; the deer are relentless in our area. Eventually I want to fence in... [read more]

Shoe Rack

Louise and I need a shoe rack that looks nice. I decided to design something pretty in Sketchup. Here is what I came up with while on vacation: The vertical side pieces have a slight curve to them, and the bottom pieces have a slight arch. I’m planning on using cherry for the outside, and staining the outer pieces slightly darker than the inside sheet pieces (which will be 1/2″ cherry ply). The shelves will be 3/4″ maple. The overall size will be 52″ tall by 28″ wide by 16″ deep. Download the Sketchup file (coming soon, email me to... [read more]

Project Hutchinson: The carpeted upstairs guest room

The remodeling project continues! We ordered carpet after I finished painting the built-in dresser frames. Unfortunately it was a big ordeal when we went through Home Depot. the color and manufacturer that happened to make the stainmaster carpet we wanted had a two week lead time. No problem. Two weeks later they call us and said they made it but didn’t pass inspection. We figured that was okay, and just decided to stick with it. Two weeks further on they called again and said the same thing! So, at this point we picked out a different color/kind that was manufactured... [read more]

Project Hutchinson: Upstairs built-in dressers

The built-in dressers are coming along. Here’s the first set in front of the bathroom. Louise picked the color.

Project Hutchinson: Upstairs Built-ins

Here’s the big pile of maple and poplar that I got for the project: Building the face frame was super fast and easy to do with pocket jointery:

Project Hutchinson: Tablesaw outfeed table

I wanted to start work on my built in dressers for the upstairs, but first I needed an out feed table for the tablesaw. I wanted something that doubled as a work space, and added some additional storage. I also wanted a built-in sanding table, but I decided to do that another day. So, using some pocket hole joints, old 2x4s and 2x6s ripped clean and glued together, I made a really rock solid outfeed table. The top is two pieces of 3/4″ MDF glued and screwed together, with counter top stuff on the top to protect it and add... [read more]

The next big project…

….built-in “knee wall” dressers for the upstairs! Here’s a couple of pictures from SketchUp. I will give anyone the models, if they are interested in seeing how I designed them. I purchased a bunch of wood from aura hardwoods yesterday, and I’m hoping to start building tonight!

Project Hutchinson: Upstairs drywall and windows

I’ve been working quite a bit on our upstairs remodel project. I removed an old closet, and installed lighting in the ceiling. This helps tremendously with the look and feel of the room; it was always dark and shady, mainly because there was no built-in lighting. I also framed the wall in preparation for a door and drywall: I removed the old drywall on the side. I’m planning on building built-in dressers. The back window was a single half-triangle. It look completely out of place and asymmetric, and because the windows didn’t open, it would get really hot and stuffy... [read more]

Installing windows again!

No not 3.1 or Xp.

Project Huchinson is alive again!

I’m back to working on my eternal house project. I finished the baseboards for the downstairs, so now it is time to tackle the upstairs. The upstairs is really rough. First off, there are these weird vents that don’t do anything. It was also surrounded in an ugly wood paneling box, which I already removed: The back bedroom has only one half of a triangle window. Plus, it doesn’t open. So, I ordered a matching window, and two smaller horizontal ones fore below it that can open and let in some air. Then there is the matter of the ugly... [read more]

Project Hutchinson: baseboards

Baseboards are nearly done! Project hutchinson moves one step closer to being done. iPhone pics:

In the house…

Great picture from Hans from last weekend: (that’s me on Louise’s silk)

Project Hutchinson: Stained deck! (well, some of it)

Louise and I stained a lot of the deck last weekend. I did most all the railings on Saturday/Sunday, and on Sunday afternoon we did the planks together (I sprayed while she brushed). Looks GREAT! Click on pics for fullsize I’m going to do the house soon….

Project Hutchinson: more work on the deck, and wiring.

The deck has a railing!: Last night I spent a bunch of time scrubbing it to get the redwood tannin marks off (the black marks). You can see it is still a little wet. I also did the electrical underneath; it is bright as day under there! (no pics yet).

Project Hutchinson: More deck pictures…

I added some more pictures to my Deck album: It is really coming along!

Project hutchinson

Don’t forget the stairs!

Project Hutchinson: the deck continues…

Project Hutchinson continues! The deck is slowly coming along, at great expense. Here you can see some of the main beams: Here’s some of the wood to be used: A little of the underground work: Check out all the pictures on the: Picasa Web Album – Deck in Aug 07

Louise silk pictures

Here are some silk pictures with Louise at our house:

Beautiful new table

Well, not new, but an antique that we got from Louise’s mom and step-dad, bill: Looks great! (Thanks JD and Bill)

Fish Tank!

Project Hutchinson now has a beautiful fish tank. Actually, it has had it for several weeks, but I have been too busy to post a picture. This is a wonderful 150’ish gallon tank that I got from my friend (and old coworker) Kendall. I spruced it up by repainting the edge a cinnamon color, and creating a nice stand for it. The stand is made out of douglas fir, and stained to match the rest of the house.


Well, we finally got some carpet put in, and it has been great! Take a look on picasa: Hutchinson – before and after carpet

Louise – silk pictures at our house

We finally got Louise’s silk hung up at our house. Here are some pictures. The setup:

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