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Madagascar: HDR Town

HDR Town, Madagascar


A cool picture, in that it looks like a mini-model.

f/22, Canon digital Rebal, ISO 200, 3 shots HDR, 17.0mm

Madagascar: Chameleons at Night

Chameleons at Night


While in Madagascar Louise and I did two guided night walks. It was quite amazing, as you could shine the flashlight in the trees and chameleons would show up bright white. They varied in size, and this one was tiny (think pinky size). It was difficult to photograph them; the first night it was raining and I didn’t bring the camera, and the second night we didn’t see any close enough to get good shots. This shot turned out “okay”, but not great.

Madagascar: KH24 on Isle Saint Marie


While in Madagascar Louise and I did a short ride from Isle of Nattes to Isle Saint Marie and up the road a bit. The picture needs to be cropped slightly; you can see the power lines in the top right of the image.

Zanzibar: Monkey Looking

Monkey Looking


The red colubus monkey in Jozani Forest, Zanzibar off the east coast of Africa.


Darn cute monkeys!

Madagascar: Ring Tailed Lemur in Tree

Ring Tailed Lemur in Tree


HDR from three exposures. Taken on 7/29/09 12:00pm. ISO 100, f/6.3, 100mm.

Louise and I were treated to seeing a TON of lemurs in Isalo Park, Madagascar. This guy was sitting up in a tree and holding still enough for me to capture three shots and create a subtle HDR. The non-HDR version doesn’t look as vibrant as this one.

Madgascar Natural Pool

This was a great little oasis at Isalo Park in Madagascar. The area was called “Piscine Natural”.


HDR from three exposures. f/22, ISO 100

Massai Girl

Massai Girl in an East African Village


6/25/09, f/2.8, 1/1000, ISO 100, 200mm

Baobab Trees in Madagascar with Water


7/26/09 4:42:01 PM. f/13. 1/200. ISO 200. 34.00mm with the 17.0-40mm Canon lens. Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

Red Colubus Monkey

At Zanzibar island, off the coast of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. July 2009.



Madagascar Motor Boat

(Blog restore)

The boats in Madagascar generally have a regular engine that runs a pulley to the prop shaft.


1/60, f 7.1, ISO 200, 40.0mm

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