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Redwood Monkey Brewing: Orangutan IPA – West Coast IPA Recipe

Orangutan IPA by Redwood Monkey BrewingWest Coast IPA All Grain Recipe   This is an awesome beer and I want to share it with everyone! It is my take on a classic West Coast IPA, but with a little bit less bitterness than you’d normally expect and a touch more citrus thanks to the combination of Mosaic and Citra hops along with a full tangerine during fermentation. Check out the video of me brewing it: 1.062 OG88 IBUs7.4 SRM6% ABV 60% brewhouse efficiency, 5 gallon batch (NOT 5.5!) Grain bill12 lbs  – 2 Row Malt (Pale Malt, US or Canada)1... [read more]

Video: How I brew beer in my garage

Check out this video of us brewing beer in my garage.

Video: Tahoe Air

Hey everyone! I'm experimenting with drone footage. I can't wait to combine it with Cyr wheel and unicycling. This is my first mini-short from the drone, called "Tahoe Air".

Video: Alaskan mill used to make oak wood slabs!

Hey guys! In this "adventures of Corbin" episode I'm using my Alaskan Mill to make my own oak wood slabs! Check it out in case you are interested in doing it yourself, as I go over the basics on what I did. A pretty large oak tree fell down on my property last summer, and I wanted to see if I could get some usable wood of it. This is my second time using an alaskan mill, and it is a lot of hard work, but good fun. If you liked the video, subscribe! It encourages me to make more cool films.

Photography: New Mexico Horizons

New Mexico Horizons! We visited Taos, New Mexico for a ski/snowboard trip, but there wasn't much snow. We did an awesome hike around the nearby areas and I took some photos. I’m still working on composition and trying to get lines to be a little more pleasing.

Neato Botvac: A neat idea that will eventually break

I like automated vacuum cleaners. They keep the house looking tidy with minimal effort. Roomba vacuums are the quite popular and have been around for a long time, but they aren’t too smart and do a lot of pecking to find the wall locations. Back 2010  Neato Robotics introduced a more intelligent vacuum that could detect the walls and floor layout, and I thought this was a great idea. I was an early adopter and bought the XV-11 back in August of 2010 for $400. Unfortunately, it had a few technical issues right away, and failed twice. Neato Robotics, located a... [read more]

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