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The Electric Bug Chronicles: Yeah, those skid marks on Highway 85 are mine…

Oh boy…

My bug needed new brake pads. I go through them crazy fast, as I drive down the famous “Highway 17” on a daily basis and my car doesn’t do any re-gen braking. This means I “ride the brakes” the whole way down. About a month ago the car started pulling hard to the left, so I popped the front tires off and the front right pad was way worn down. I ordered a new set from CIP1 (accidentally ordering the wrong ones first…) and put them on one evening 30 minutes or so before I had to go somewhere. The brakes screeched like mad for quite a while, and only now, about 200-300 miles later, are they starting to calm down. I know that this is partly because I didn’t grease them well enough, but I was okay with it. 

With fresh new brake pads I got to test them out right away at the intersection of Highway 17 and 85. I hopped onto 85 and quickly made my way into the “carpool lane” and started accelerating to avoid stalling traffic, but the car in front immediately started braking hard. I had to slam on my brakes, and did it a little too hard, locking up the tires. Yeah, no anti-lock brakes and I quickly pumped them to make me stop faster, and luckily I didn’t slam into the car in front of me (not even close — but I was nervous for a minute!)

A few days later I’m getting onto 85 again and see some long skid marks in the fast lane. Yeah, those were mine…

IMG 5663

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