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chargepoint energy stats for my bug

Since July of 2011 I’ve been using chargepoint for charging at free charging stations, and at work. Prior to my work getting J1772 stations, I would use a dryer plug outlet that was provided for EVs. Here is a screen shot of the stats for my use:

Screen Shot 2015 07 22 at 7 57 39 PM

10,673.912 kWh used in about 4 years. Mostly with the bug, but some with another EV (Jan/Feb ’15). This also doesn’t include other J1772 stations I’ve used that aren’t charge point (i.e.: the free stations downtown Santa Cruz), and it doesn’t include charging at home. 

The large gap from August to January was when the bug’s transmission was broken, and I was forced to drive another car for a while. The shorter gaps were probably vacations.


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