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Photography: Venice Main Canal

Venice Main Canal

Photography: Venice Canal

Venice Canal

Photography: High Saturation Venice

High Saturation Venice

Photography: Aged Venice

Aged Venice From Venice, Italy. 07-25-2012. 5 exposures taken with the Canon 5D.

Photography: Train Station Adjacent, Venice

Train Station Adjacent, Venice From Venice, Italy. 07-24-2012. 5 exposures taken with the Canon 5D.

Photography: Phelders, Italy

Phelders, Italy I work up yesterday morning (July 17th, 2012) and opened the door to our little deck on the second story floor of the hotel we were staying in. The sun was shining brightly in the right half of the sky and the shadows on the rocks and country side were just amazing. Normally shooting into the sun produces terrible pictures, but with HDR you can tweak the shadows and highlights to get just the right look.

Photography: Old Building

Old Building The trip from Phelders Italy to St Leonardo was mostly downhill, so I stuck my 5D in my camelback. I took this picture while riding down the road. It turns out our “short day” from Phelders to St Leonardo was a “normal” day with 800m of climbing up to where our hotel really was located. But it was awesome, and worth it!

Photography: Glaicial Views

Glaicial Views From the top of Mänlichen, Switzerland which is above Grindelwald.

Photography: Schloss in Nauders

Schloss in Nauders Castles need to look menacing, and this picture definitely seems to have captured the menacing look. The slight saturation gives it a dark and ominous feel. With more color, it looks more vibrant and alive: Schloss in Nauders v2 I love castles, and the unicycle ride from Nauders, Austria to Silandro, Italy was a four castle day! (Well, we probably passed more, but I only consider a certain look to be a true castle).

Photography: Nauders, Austria

Nauders, Austria This is one of my favorite photos so far. It is an HDR from 5 exposures taken with the Canon 5D Mark III. I sat on top of the hill for a while and enjoyed just being alone and looking at the beautiful town and gigantic mountains. The sun striking down was amazing. The photo is not photoshopped, and was only combined and adjusted in Photomatix. The gang spent two nights in Nauders, Austria. The climb up from Switzerland consisted of a ton of switchbacks up a steep hill, and then a slight descent down into Nauders. We... [read more]

Nathan’s Unicycle

Nathan’s Unicycle July 2012. Nathan’s yellow KH 36 geared unicycle. 7 exposure HDR.

Alps Unicyclists

There are three mad unicyclists on the mini-Swiss unicycle tour I’m doing. Me, Scott and Nathan Hoover. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good picture of Nathan yet, but here’s a few cool ones. Myself (Corbin) taken by Scott Wilton and processed by me to do a cool black and white HDR: Scott Wilton, in living color by my unicycle. Also an HDR out of 5 exposures, with Scott selected to tone down any “ghosting” that occurred from movement.

Photography: Piled Rocks

Photography: Hotel Glacier Du Rhone

Swiss Wildflowers

Swiss Wildflowers From Preda, Switzerland. July 10, 2012. Today was 60km of unicycling from Chur to Preda. The 60km wasn’t that bad, but the 1700 meters of climbing was quite a bit. Tomorrow will continue the climbing up Albula Pass. When I got to Preda, it rained lightly and I took some pictures of flowers.

Photography: Down to Andermatt

Down to Andermatt Today is a rest day, and it is a little wet out but the sun is trying to poke out over the mountains. We are staying at the Basecamp Andermatt

Photography: Chew Chew Train

Chew Chew Train, Switzerland

Handegg to Andermatt

Still unicycling! We rode from Handegg to Andermatt today. Only 32 miles but we went over Furka pass and Grimsel Pass; that was a bit of climbing! We were averaging like 5mph up the hills, and cruising down at 22-23mph. Along Furka pass is the Belvedere stop with a big glacier. Spot the unicycle in the photo below.

Grindelwald to Handegg

Today we rode “only” 30 miles, but it was almost all uphill from Grindelwald to Handegg Switzerland. I didn’t bring the DSLR with me, since it was raining on and off. The start of the climb was like riding up into a cloud. Here’s another great picture I took yesterday. It is an HDR from 5 exposures using the Canon 5D mark III and 24-70mm lens. Switzerland July 5th 2012 – Grindelwald, Switzerland. How about a map of where we rode today?

Grund Grindelwald Rest Day

On the Swiss Uni Tour today is a rest day, which meant hiking and photography! B&W Mountains July 5th 2012 – Grund (lower part) of Grindelwald, Switzerland. Black and White HDR from 5 exposures. We took the gondola up to the top of Manlichen and hiked around a tiny bit. My legs are a bit tired from riding yesterday. I really love this area of the Swiss Alps. It is one of my favorite places in the world. I visited nearby this area 12 years ago and I always really loved it. I’m really glad that coming back I have... [read more]

Grindelwald Sights

Grindelwald Sights July 5th 2012 – Grindelwald, Switzerland – Canon 5D Mark III I’m traveling through Switzerland via Unicycle. The “gang” doing this Swiss Uni Tour consists of myself, Nathan Hoover and Scott Wilton all on geared 36″ unicycles. Geoff F. and Grace Fleming are on bikes. My dad and his wife Karen are driving a support car with all our stuff. We flew into Zurich on Saturday (arriving Sunday morning) and took a train to Konstanze, Germany to rent a car. It is much cheaper in Germany to rent a car, and lodging is way cheaper there when compared... [read more]

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