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Plug Bug: It breaks, I fix it.

Last weekend my car suddenly shut off all power while driving home. It happened again this morning right as I was going to drive away. I could jiggle the key and it would come back... [read more]
Electric Bug

Plug Bug: The Inertia Switch works

The electric bug has an inertia switch in the case of an accident. It looks like this: It is designed to cut the 12v system to the rear of my car, which turns off the... [read more]
Electric Bug

Plug Bug: Blower install on the motor

The bug’s motor runs pretty hot on hot days. You can’t keep your hand on it for more than a brief instant. I have measured the temperature with an infrared thermometer, but of course, right... [read more]
Electric Bug

Plug Bug: Broken brake…

…well, problems come in pairs. I changed my front brake pads about about 8600 miles; they wore away quickly! I didn’t change the rear, as they weren’t as bad as the front. I checked the... [read more]
Electric Bug, Machining

Plug Bug: Running again!

An update to the last post: The bug is running again! George, from Netgain motors, suggested seeing if the motor had excessive vibration. When I ran it at 12volts it seemed to hum pretty fine,... [read more]
Electric Bug

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