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Plug Bug: 15,000 miles then a breakdown

The Bug has over 15,000 pure electric miles on it! The past ~14,000 have been relatively painless. I’ve had to do a few tweaks along the way, but nothing major. Unfortunately, that changed last friday. I was getting into the carpool lane on Highway 85 southbound and accelerating hard. Then all of a sudden the motor was free spinning and not moving the car and making a bit of noise. I put in the clutch, as it seemed to make less noise that way, and pulled over to the side. I had to get towed home. I figured the transmission... [read more]


Proteas I sure love these flowers. They are amazing. Taken at UCSC Arboretum, April 22, 2012. Canon 5D Mark III.

South African Flower

South African Flower UCSC

Photography: Pink

Pink + Boka 4/22/2012 – Santa Cruz – taken with Canon 5D Mark III

Photography: Spider

Spider 4/22/2012 – UCSC Arboretum, Santa Cruz, CA. Taken with Canon 5D Mark III Crop of the spider

Photography: More Flowers

More Flowers 4/8/2012 – Corte Madera – taken with Canon 5D Mark III

Plug Bug: Burnt plugs

I have nearly 15,000 miles on my little electric car. I haven’t had to do much maintenance lately; the car has been running pretty well. I did a check on the front brake pads; the original set wore out really fast (like 7 or 8k miles), and I’m happy to see that the new ceramic pads are wearing away a lot slower than the original ones. I did have some trouble recently at about 14,600 miles. The inlet plug seems to have had some extra resistance and was melting! The LS-30 inlet isn’t all that secure, and I think the... [read more]


Nice license plate!

Roue Cyr Practice – April

Some footage from playing around with my 5D.

Photography: Small Flowers, Big Macro

Small Flowers, Big Macro 4/8/2012 – Corte Madera – take with Canon 5D Mark III

Photography: Asparagus

Asparagus 4/8/2012 – Corte Madera – taken with Canon 5D Mark III

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