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Roue Cyr: Making a wheel – skinning

I’m doing a series of videos on how I made my second Roue Cyr (Cyr Wheel — aka: Simple Wheel). Here’s the last in the series…which is skinning. Updated notes: Use pipe clamps to secure the air attachment on! Heat it in the oven for ~3 minutes. Spray water on it from a bottle if it has trouble going over. If this method doesn’t work, the alternative is to skin the wheel while it is hot bath water, and then let it dry out for a few days before assembling. How to skin a roue cyr wheel Email me if... [read more]

MUNI v2 (Mountain Unicycling Version 2.0)

Some old footage from a few years ago.

Unicycle Trials…Jetty @ Santa Cruz

Screen shot from Final Cut Pro of a video I’m working on. Some really old footage! But cool….

Poetry – Rushing Kiss

Rushing Kiss – October, 2011. by neeb (aka corbin). whispers breathe from bounding lips, sound flows across and slowly drips, ears hear as it pours on in, gasping, for the air feels thin, heart blooms turning me warm, eyes shut, waiting for the storm, soft hands glance my shoulder, presently aware as I the beholder, green sight I sense upon me, coming through as pure chi, then a rushing kiss, sparks me into ever bliss.

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