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Roue Cyr: Making a wheel – skinning

I’m doing a series of videos on how I made my second Roue Cyr (Cyr Wheel — aka: Simple Wheel). Here’s the last in the series…which is skinning. Updated notes: Use pipe clamps to secure... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel, Machining

MUNI v2 (Mountain Unicycling Version 2.0)

Some old footage from a few years ago.

Unicycle Trials…Jetty @ Santa Cruz

Screen shot from Final Cut Pro of a video I’m working on. Some really old footage! But cool….

Poetry – Rushing Kiss

Rushing Kiss – October, 2011. by neeb (aka corbin). whispers breathe from bounding lips, sound flows across and slowly drips, ears hear as it pours on in, gasping, for the air feels thin, heart blooms... [read more]

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