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Photography: B&W Box Top



I’m working on getting pictures of my car with other’s of its kind (but more modern, in general). Silver Leaf, at Apple. RAV 4 EV (in Santa Cruz, today). Ken Adelman’s car. Blue leaf, Cupertino. Chevy Volt (does that one count?)

Roue Cyr

I saw a roue cyr wheel in a performance and thought, hey that looks cool! I bet I could make one, despite knowing nothing about them and not ever have touched one. Anyone who knows me probably wouldn’t be surprised by that :). Here’s the finished wheel in my garage: And me trying it for the first time (yesterday!) I got a bender…partially for this project, and partially because I have needed one for several other things. I then ordered material from — they are cheaper than by far. I spent about $170 in metal (actually a bit... [read more]

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