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New Zealand, UNICON, and me

New Zealand is an awesome place. The scenery is just amazing, and the country is very open to adventure sports. I was luck enough to travel with three of my really good friends: Nathan Hoover, his wife Grace Fleming and their son Beau Hoover. Nathan kindly shared a bunch of his pictures with me, so I’d love to show them to the blogosphere. We first arrived in Queenstown and did some various activities, including a day of trials riding. Andy Cotter let me borrow his super lightweight custom KH20 (with a titanium hub!). Here’s me hopping up a ledge, including... [read more]

Photography: Flatland Unicycling

Flatland Unicycling Beau Hoover in Queenstown, New Zealand. December 2009.

Photography: Wellington Seagull

Wellington Seagull

Unicon Marathon Race Details

For the past two weeks I was participating in Unicon 15, the bi-annual unicycle convention held in Wellington, New Zealand. Unicon is also known as the Unicycle World Championships. This is the first time that I have ever gone, and and I had a very exciting and fun time. First of all, it was in New Zealand, a beautiful place I have been dying to go to for quite a few years. But even more exciting was that I actually won a very tough race to become the marathon world champion, riding 27 miles in gale force winds with lots... [read more]

Unicycle Marathon World Champion

I’m the 2010 Unicycle World Champion for the Marathon Race! Jeff Wilton took some great pictures, and here is one of me crossing the finish line and getting interviewed at the end:

Photography: Pancake Rocks

Pancake Rocks

Photography: Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel

Photography: Uni at the End

Uni at the End

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