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Madagascar: Ring Tailed Lemur in Tree

Ring Tailed Lemur in Tree HDR from three exposures. Taken on 7/29/09 12:00pm. ISO 100, f/6.3, 100mm. Louise and I were treated to seeing a TON of lemurs in Isalo Park, Madagascar. This guy was sitting up in a tree and holding still enough for me to capture three shots and create a subtle HDR. The non-HDR version doesn’t look as vibrant as this one.

Madgascar Natural Pool

This was a great little oasis at Isalo Park in Madagascar. The area was called “Piscine Natural”. HDR from three exposures. f/22, ISO 100

Custom machined cranks

I machined out one ounce out of each of my KH Moment 125/150mm cranks. I went with a big pocket, just like what I did for Joseph’s cranks. Hopefully they won’t break! I also tried my geared KH 36 coker out with the 125 mm crank holes. It feels like it takes a lot of power to keep the thing moving at a basic pace (like 15 mph). But, they really scream for slight downhills and probably add 1 mph to my speed (or more on steeper downhills — I was pushing 24 mph without any effort on one downhill).... [read more]

Aerial Cube

I just finished another project: the Aerial Cube. Louise and I saw the cube at a circus show last week, and I thought “Hey, I could make one of those!”, and Louise asked “Can you make me one of those?”. So, here it is! The cube is made out of 1″ tubing that is 1/8″ thick. I bought it at a local metal place – “Sims Metals”. I cut 45’s with my little Grizzly horizontal bandsaw: And drilled+tapped some holes into a piece of steel to create a jig to hold the tubes at 90 degrees: And then welded two... [read more]

Massai Girl

Massai Girl in an East African Village 6/25/09, f/2.8, 1/1000, ISO 100, 200mm

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