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Cool welding goggles

They aren’t as dark as my glasses and work well for brazing. Very old school.
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KH 36 Unicycle

My new road unicycle is setup and ready to ride! My old road unicycle was a Nimbus 36 frame – but, I had had dremmeled out the bearing holders to fit the 42mm bearings for... [read more]

Yet another unicycle handlebar

I made another unicycle handlebar. This time, taking some ideas from other people and using an old bike seat tube with a T welded on front so I could mount bar ends on it. It... [read more]

Pete Nelson’s latest treehouse

From his blog: Just amazing, as usual!

Project Hutchinson: Upstairs built-in dressers

The built-in dressers are coming along. Here’s the first set in front of the bathroom. Louise picked the color.
Project Hutchinson

Munibar: Mountain Unicycle Handlebar

A few days ago I finished a new unicycle handlebar for my mountain uni; thus, we have the munibar. I’m planning on using the geared 24″ mountain unicycle for the Africa tour next summer, and... [read more]

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