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Couple pictures from SD Muni Weekend

I only took a few pictures. Here they are:


Cody doing a kick flip trick off the ramp at Mile’s house.


Max, reaching the top. Amazing. Simply amazing!


Max trying street moves.


A suspension unicycle with a disk brake. It felt a little too coshy when I tried riding it, but I didn’t give it a real go.

3 Responses to “Couple pictures from SD Muni Weekend”

  1. Mark (LOBBYBOPSTR) says:

    Hello Corbin,
    Could have been too cushy, It was assembled the week before CMW. Since then I’ve upped the shock air pressure to 150Lbs. It still is cushy or plush with about 1″ of preload when you mount, 3″ more in suspension. For Crosscountry riding it relieves alot of fatigue. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  2. corbin says:

    Hey Mark! A firmer ride would definitely make it better; it sounds like you are still refining the design. It is one amazing piece of work; I truly admire the job that you did on it!


  3. Radu says:

    Now that’s a beautiful piece of technology. I am very curious to know how you managed to
    come up with this extraordinary design. I am not sure but I can see that you got your inspiration
    from horse anatomy (back legs). I really want to see more of this project. It would be nice if you
    gave me some links where I can find this project!

    best regards Radu

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