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Louise and reice playing a gig

Louise and reice playing a gig, originally uploaded by corbin_dunn.

In Santa cruz right now

Favorite Pictures

I’ve always liked this picture. I’m not sure what type of plant it is. I took this picture while on a hike in Switzerland back in 2000.

Trials course

I’ve been working on a cool trials course for muni weekend 07 (Mountain Unicycle weekend) in Santa Cruz.

Here are a few highlights and the full album on picasa:

Trials at Corbin’s House

Rock climbing at castle rock

Rock climbing at castle rock, originally uploaded by corbin_dunn.

…. And eating lunch. Cool glow effect from my phone.

New apple store in los gatos

New apple store in los gatos, originally uploaded by corbin_dunn.

coming soon!

augmented sculpture

This is really cool:

I’m on TV! …sort of…

A few months ago when I went to Moab for a huge mountain unicycling festival (Moab Muni Fest), there were some people from Mountain Dew filming. Well, they put there film online, and I’m in it! I’m the guy in the red shirt right behind the announcer when he introduces things. Louise is right next to me. How cool!

Mountain Dew Moab Muni Link

Happy iPhone day!

Today is a very exciting day. The iPhone is going to be available at 6pm. Let me tell you, it is wonderful! Go get one. You will not be disappointed.

Corbin’s treehouse on “Off beat homes”

JENNIFER CHAIT did a cool blog article on my treehouse. Check it out:

Corbins treehouse on Off Beat Homes

Some of my favorite photographs…

Here is one of the first pictures I took when I got my Cannon. Me in a fuzzy guitar.

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