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In the house…

Great picture from Hans from last weekend:

(that’s me on Louise’s silk)

California Mountain Unicyle Weekend – THIS WEEKEND! Oct 12-14th, 2007, Santa Cruz.

California Mountain Unicyle Weekend – THIS WEEKEND! Oct 12-14th, 2007, Santa Cruz.

Go to the website, and print out the form. You should come! The “big day” is saturday, and that will be the coolest.

New RADIOHEAD album. How much? It’s up to you.

I *totally* support artists like radiohead that are going away from those damn record labels and selling their music online. What’s even better is when they do this when you click on the ? next to the price:

Sweet. I totally will give them money since I could just put a price of 0 and give it for free. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on my mac when I go to fill out my CC info:

I emailed them. Hopefully they will fix this.

Anyways, download it, and give them a few pounds.

Cool wooden bike

Back when we rode Strawberry Fields Forever in May of ’07, I took some pictures of a wooden/bamboo bike at Calfree’s shop.

the coolest part was the horns! Man. I want this bike. Sorry about the quality of the pictures; i was moving the phone too much.

Walle teaser!! New pixar film..

It is here:


Super! looks great.

Project Hutchinson: Stained deck! (well, some of it)

Louise and I stained a lot of the deck last weekend. I did most all the railings on Saturday/Sunday, and on Sunday afternoon we did the planks together (I sprayed while she brushed). Looks GREAT!

Click on pics for fullsize

I’m going to do the house soon….

Project Hutchinson: more work on the deck, and wiring.

The deck has a railing!:

Last night I spent a bunch of time scrubbing it to get the redwood tannin marks off (the black marks).

You can see it is still a little wet.

I also did the electrical underneath; it is bright as day under there! (no pics yet).

Louise went to Scotland and the only camera she had was her iPhone

… and all her iPhone pictures are here:

— check them out, as you will be quite surprised at what the 2 mega pixel camera on the iPhone can do!

Some highlights/favorites of mine:

This guy has a duct tape license plate! LOL

Just funny…

Submersible cars only.

Louise said “look it’s steaming!!!”

… i guess it is!

I want my gravestone to be like this. Louise said “NO”.

SketchUp documents for trials building.

I use SketchUp to design some of the trials things I build. Here are some of the docs I made. It is a free program, and is GREAT. Download it, mac or windows:

triasl – 4 by 4 hoppers.skp

trials – teeter totter.skp

More muni weekend trials obstacles

I’ve been building more and more stuff for California Muni Weekend 2007 – Santa Cruz.

I’ve posted new pictures on my site, starting here:

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