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Louise Lovelle’s blog

My darling, Louise Lovelle, now has her own blog. She’s living in Spain for the next three months (and possibly longer..)

My Louisie is gone…

She moved to Spain! I’m going to miss Louise…

Yet another way to make connections in Interface Builder (IB)

Some of IB’s features aren’t readily apparent. Most people know about the mode to switch from icon to text by clicking the icon in the lower right hand section seen in this image: But, when you are in that mode, did you know you can make connections with the normal ctrl-drag? Cool, huh! This can give you fine-grained control when it is sometimes hard to select certain items.

Tiger and the dictionary is a keyboard shortcut away

A really cool “hidden” Tiger feature is the ability to quickly see the dictionary for (almost) any word in a Cocoa app. Move the cursor over a word, and press cmd-ctrl-d. You will see the dictionary definition: Very cool! Holding down cmd-ctrl-d and moving the mouse will move the dictionary item.

Treehouse links

I need to add some treehouse links. For now, I’ll just blog-em: — not really a treehouse, but neat. — some treehouse builders in the UK. They have a neat site started. –corbin

Mountain unicycling at Northstar, Tahoe, CA

Hi All, Yesterday I did some muni at northstar. Here are a few pictures: My highlight of the adventure was making down a double black diamond called “STD”. Lloyd got it on film..i’ll have to check it out some day. Update: CatBoy took some pictures here. Action shots by cat boy! Me doing a drop. And another. And another.. (me and louise)

Safari Shortcuts

Poking around in Safari’s Contents/Resources folder reveals an HTML page describing the shortcuts: file:///Applications/ Enjoy!

Wheel walking

I’ve been working a lot on wheel walking lately: (Photo by Nathan Hoover)

Mountain Unicycling — Soquel Demonstration Forest

Yesterday, me and a bunch of others went mountain unicycling in the Soquel Demonstration Forest. Nick, Tom H., Scot, Nathan Hoover, Beau Hoover, Colin, Mike Scalisi and myself. Here are my pictures. It was a blast! (me riding along a log).

San Francisco Unicycle Tour – more pictures!

Gary has posted a bunch of pictures on his smugmug account. Here are some of the ones of me: Riding up a hill. Riding on the edge. Rob telling me where we went. I swear. that’s some of the best food i’ve had in a long time. Thanks Gary! cool pictures.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail — Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In

Tonight, I’m going to the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In to see: Monty Python and the Holy Grail An incredibly silly film of great humor, brilliant design and epic insanity.  Perhaps the most original comedy – or at least the most ridiculously funny historically semi-accurate comedy spoof – of all time.  At the very least, the most quotable movie ever. PLUS thrilling and funny short films, an intermission, and great company. Friday September 16th, 8:00pm Railroad Tracks at Fair Ave, Santa Cruz  BRING lawn chairs, blankets, pillows, friends, wine, & food to share for intermission. Donations are greatly appreciated and directly... [read more]

San Francisco Unicycle Tour

Last Sunday, I did a 40+ mile tour of San Francisco with 12 other unicyclists (Rob, Nick, Beau, Nathan, Scot, Bronson, Daniel, Mark Massie, Geoff, John Foss, and of course, the birthday boy, Gary). It was a blast! Nathan Hoover has already put up some pictures here. I’m wearing a red shirt and blue helmet in most of the pics. Dinner at the end of the day was really really good. We went to Cappino’s

.htaccess files…?

does anyone know how to really setup .htaccess files for forwarding? I can’t seem to get it to work :(

Testing (I moved my blog!)

I moved my blog from horrible MoveableType to WordPress

About this blog…

Just so you will know, this blog will be a mixture of technical stuff and personal stuff. Feel free to filter through what you find to be interesting. Any information posted here is my opinion and has nothing to do with my employer. ..corbin

Flicker account…

I now have a flicker account. It can be found here. More of corbin_dunn’s photos

Trials unicycling on “the machine” at burning man

Seth took some really really cool pictures of me on “the machine” at burning man: Here i’m doing a still stand on the edge: This is right before I hopped off to the ground. Thanks Seth! These are my favorite pictures from Burning Man (so far).

NSOutlineView, reloading items, and the expansion state

NSOutlineView requires all of the items in it to be pointer unique. If they are not, strange things happen. However, they can be equal (meaning [NSObject isEqual] may return YES). However, there is a small exception to that rule. If you do a reload, the expansion state of items will be preserved. This expansion state is done by placing the current expanded items into an NSMutableSet. After a reload happens, if an item is in that set it is shown expanded. What does this mean? Well, to see if an item should be expanded or not, it is looked up... [read more]

Burning man pictures and stuff

I went to burning man last week. It was really cool! Here are a few pictures I borrowed from some of my fellow “Pancake Playhouse” buddies: -corbin

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